Facts and studies about the problem "hairloss"

A lot of academic studies prove, that hairloss is a serious problem und shouldn´t be described as not dangerous. For example in 1999 Dr. Sawaya introduced a study at the congress of the American Academy of Dermatology, that showed, that men with hairloss have a up to 7-time higher risk to develop psychological problems (e.g. depressions). A similar study could show, that women in comparison to men develop an even worse feeling about their body. A current survey of the German Green Cross showed, that 32% of German men and 57% of German women are terrified about their hairloss und every third is looking for therapeutic help. Hairloss doesn´t only affect the psychological health of affected persons, but can also result in serious social disadvantages. An EMNID-study prove, that men with few hair are considered significantly less sexually attractive than men with full hair. Another EMNID-study even showed, that men with full hair have better chances to get a job than bald men.