Participation in studies

Currently there are some studies, that want to find the genes for androgenetic alopecia (hereditary hairloss) and alopecia areata. It is very important, that everybody, who meets the criteria, participates in these studies. Only if the responsible genes are found, successful gene therapies will be possible. To participate in the studies, you simply have to do two things:
- send some blood samples to the researchers. The blood samples can be collected by your personal doctor in your home town.
- answer some questions about the history of your hairloss

The criteria of the studies are very similar, so probably you can participate in more than one study. The more researchers can work with your blood samples, the sooner the genes will be found.


  • Study of Dr. Christiano


  • Study of Dr. Nöthen (University of Düsseldorf/Germany) and Dr. Kruse (University of Bonn/Germany)

    International Studies:

    Acceleration of clinical studies

    Before a new drug is available to everybody it is tested in clinical trials. Clinical trials have three phases. In Phase I the drug is tested in some healthy individuals to see, if there are any serious side-effects, that the animal studies didn´t show. In Phase II the efficiency and safety of the drug is tested in some hundred patients. In Phase III the drug is tested in a large number of ill people. If the drug succeeds in the three phases, the maker of the drug asks the FDA or another approval organization to approve the new drug.

    As soon as human clinical trials with a baldness gene therapy start, it is important, that a lot of people express their wish, that these studies are done as fast as possible. The German magazine "Focus" reported recently, that cancer patients coordinated themselves in the Internet and made pressure on a pharma firm to accelerate the studies of a new cancer drug. So they were able to hasten the approval process significantly. The drug came to the market 3 years earlier, than expected! The employees of the pharma firm had to do some overtime but this saved the life of many of the cancer patients.

    Obviously it is possible to accelerarte the approval process significantly. As soon as clinical trials with baldness gene therapies start, the InFAGen will try to organize similar actions like the cancer patients.