Aim of the InFAGen

Still the therapy options against hairloss are not satisfactory at all. A cure for hairloss and real regrowth of lost hair will only be possible by gene therapy. The principle of gene therapy is always the same or similar: The therapeutic gene is delivered to the desired cells by a gene taxi (=gene vector). This principle has been tested in several hundered clinical trials all around the world. Gene therapy studies against haemophilia, different forms of cancer, a genetic immune disease and angina have resulted in groundbreaking successes and sometimes even cures. The gene therapies had no side-effects in these studies.

So as the principle of gene therapy is proven to work in humans, it is only a question of time, when there will be gene therapies for all kinds of hairloss. Up to now the most important research results about the genetic causes of hairloss have come from academic researchers at American und European universities, whose financial resources are very limited. But modern biomedical research depends on expensive equipment and technology to be successful. So the more money the researchers have, the better will be their equipment and the sooner there will be a final cure for hair problems. Another important aspect is this: Several research groups are looking for the genes, that cause the different forms of hairloss. To find these genes, they need blood samples of brothers and sisters, that are affected with hereditary hairloss (androgenetic alopecia) and alopecia areata. So it is very important, that enough study participants are found soon.

Both aspects can be supported by an initiative of affected people, what should lead to a significant acceleration of the research process. This is the aim of the "Initiative for the advancement of hair gene research" (InFAGen).